"The Littlest Unicorn"
A Children's Story
Written and Illustrated
by John P. Finley
Watercolor Painting Self Portrait on Horseback by John P. Finley

"New Colt New Mecate"
Self Portrait
Watercolor 5 X 5

line of horse tracks

Watercolor Illustration, Cover of The Littlest Unicorn, a Children's Book by John P. Finley

"The Littlest Unicorn"
John has described his own talents as "fractured", but "diverse" would be more accurate. During the early months of 2009 John applied his talents to the writing and illustrating of a children's book titled "The Littlest Unicorn". The idea for the basic storyline had been rolling around in his head for quite a long time, but the project really took off when he began the watercolor paintings for the illustrations. This charming story was first published in September, 2009. The 9 X 7 book has 20 pages and includes 6 of John's watercolor illustrations. Children and adults of all ages will enjoy the tale, although it is aimed at those ages 8-9. "The Littlest Unicorn" is available from the artist for $14.50 plus tax and shipping. Please contact John for orders or more details.

Line of barbed wire

Contact the Artist: John P. Finley, 1144 East Fork Road, Dubois, WY 82513
E-mail: artist@johnpfinley.com

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