Watercolor Painting Self Portrait on Horseback by John P. Finley

John P. Finley

A Cowboy Artist of Western Wyoming

line of horse tracks

The Galleries

Watercolor Painting Wyoming Landscape 10 1/2 X 14 1/2

Watercolor Paintings

Acrylic Painting on Wasp Nest Paper of Grizzly Bear 6 7/8 X 5 7/8

Acrylic Paintings
on Wasp Nest Paper

Custom Jewelry, Silver Ring and Earrings with Elk Ivory, Turquoise and Amythest

Custom Jewelry

Grizzly Bear Carved from Bighorn Sheep Horn

& Carvings

Bronze Sculpture of Old Visalia Saddle

Bronze Sculpture

Watercolor Illustration, Cover of Children's Book The Littlest Unicorn by John P. Finley

A Children's Story

Watercolor Painting of Bull Moose by John P. Finley

Recent Awards

line of barbed wire

Graphite Self Portrait of John P. Finley

Artist's Biography

Contact the Artist: John P. Finley, 1144 East Fork Road, Dubois, WY 82513
E-mail: artist@johnpfinley.com

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